BidWrite Staff Spotlight – Mark King

February 13th, 2017

Mark King | Bid Consultant | APMP

What led you to tender/proposal writing and how has your background helped you?

I took a slightly different route to some of the other team members here. I spent 9 years working as an Electronic Warfare Specialist, including 3 years as a Naval Instructor.

I achieved an Associates of Science Degree and undertook and achieved a Post Graduate Certificate in Business Administration.

What have been some of your proudest moments in your career?

One of my proudest moments would probably be my first opportunity to manage a major bid response. It was a security system for the Australian APEC conference, extremely challenging and proved to myself that I was up to the task. Another moment would be managing a bid for a family company that realised their company could compete against the best and win!

What do you enjoy the most about tendering/proposal writing?

Working with new and interesting people and learning how their industry works.

What is the biggest challenge in writing tenders?

Bringing together people to deliver a persuasive and high-quality response in a short amount of time!

What do you love most about being part of the team at BidWrite?

The great sense of camaraderie! We’re always a team.

What is the one thing you wish every bid manager knew about?

How to identify concrete discriminators and points of difference, then articulate their value to the client.

Describe yourself in three words.

Happy with life.

Where is your favourite place to be?

Doing outdoor projects around the house with a cold beer nearby.

If you could have another job for a day, what would it be?

A welder. I’ve seen some great outdoor sculptures and would love to be able to create one.

Favourite quote/motto?

“Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors got to war first and then seek to win.”  – Sun Tzu

Any unique interests or skills that you have (non-work related) that you would like to share?

I’m a proud (and patient) Fremantle Dockers supporter.