How good are your bids really?

August 3rd, 2017

BidWrite ChecklistHow effective are your bids? How do they compare to your competitors and the best your industry has to offer? Being able to answer these questions is the first step to bidding smarter.

BidWrite can perform an independent and impartial review of your overall tendering and proposal management function. This will allow us to give you objective feedback, help you get better at bidding and maximise your win rates.

Three levels of review

We offer three different levels of review, depending on your needs and budget. The levels have been carefully designed to suit a wide range of tendering experience levels and different organisation types.

Level 1 – ‘Live Bid’ Review

We will conduct an assessment of a current submission while it is being drafted, before the close date/time. We will focus on your response structure, compliance, specific questions feedback and persuasive messaging.

You will get an email report focusing on the key information to enhance your proposal before you submit. This review is ideal if you just need a quick win and some easy-to-implement suggestions.

Level 2 – ‘Post Bid’ Review

We conduct a review of completed submissions (up to three), benchmarking them against 10 best-practice tender criteria. A detailed written report will highlight bidding gaps and give you practical improvement recommendations.

This is suitable for all small to medium enterprises that have a lower than expected win rate with their tenders and proposals and would like some insights into why.

Level 3 – ‘Bid Process’ Review

This review benchmarks the overall bidding process and functional health against 43 best practice tender criteria. Detailed improvement recommendations and Return On Investment (ROI) metrics are included in a comprehensive feedback report designed to advance the whole function to the next level.

This is ideal for larger organisations with dedicated personnel, discrete budgets with an aim to improve their overall bidding process.

Our team of bidding experts would love to have a chat with you regarding the best option for your business so give us a call on 1300 BIDWRITE (1300 243 974) today.