BidWrite Staff Profile – Jehan Eltigi

February 14th, 2018

Jehan Eltigi | Bid Consultant

What led you to tender/proposal writing and how has your background helped you?

They say that those who love to read love to write, and I am no exception. I never really knew what to study at university so I was naturally drawn to journalism. From journalism I stumbled onto market research, which exposed me to a wide range of industries, but still fed my love of writing. I have been involved in several types of writing for more than 25 years. A lot of that has been writing proposals to win business as a supplier, or writing Request documents as a buyer.

What have been some of your proudest moments in your career?

Writing and winning the largest tender in the history of a previous employer’s Wellington, New Zealand office. A $600,000 win for a market research agency was huge at the time.

What do you enjoy most about tendering/proposal writing?

Never a dull moment. New clients, new industries to learn about real fast, new challenges.

What is the biggest challenge in writing tenders?

Waiting for clients to provide their input and instilling an equal sense of urgency.

What do you love most about being part of the team at BidWrite?

The people. The supportive nature of the team. Someone on the team will always know how to solve your particular challenge.

What is the one thing you wish people knew about the bidding process?

That we still need time to re-work last minute client input to provide a polished final submission. And that last-minute changes often just introduce error and may not add that much value.

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Calm, reliable, constant.

Where is your favourite place to be?

Curled up on my recliner with a book.

If you could do another job just for a day, what would it be? (and why?)

A soprano opera singer. If only I could actually sing.

Favourite quote/motto?

“To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield” – Alfred Lord Tennyson

Any unique interests or skills that you have (non-work related) that you would like to share?

I am travel mad. If I had the money and the time and no family responsibilities, I would just go from place to place non-stop. I also enjoy the journey itself, and I am often more excited by the journey than the actual destination.