Bidwrite Staff Profile – David Lunn

May 16th, 2018

David Lunn | Director

What led you to tender/proposal writing and how has your background helped you?

After 28 years of procurement experience in Defence, Mining and Gas, and professional services, co-founding BidWrite, and focussing on tendering from both sides of the transaction, was a natural progression. Since starting BidWrite I have learned a lot about the ‘other side’ of tendering and broadened into pretty much every industry, which has been great!

What have been some of your proudest moments in your career?

Founding BidWrite with Nigel Dennis, and subsequently inviting our long-term friend David Harvey to be a business partner, is one of my proudest career moments. Being a part of BidWrite allows me to work with SMEs and transform their organisations through strategic wins, which is extremely satisfying. On a day to day basis, I love having the ability to provide my employees with an enjoyable, safe and reliable workplace, which is very important to me.

What do you enjoy most about tendering/proposal writing?

I think the tangibility of our support is the most enjoyable part of tendering. The measures of success are very clear: did our client win or not?  We work hard to make sure there are more on the ‘win’ side of the ledger!

What is the biggest challenge in writing tenders?


  • consistency of our service as we grow,
  • our practical culture is reflected in all client dealings; and
  • we stay at the forefront of tender and proposal management thinking and practice.

What do you love most about being part of the team at BidWrite?

At BidWrite, there is never a dull moment. We have such a variety of clients, engagement types, subject matters, opinions, and a fantastic team!

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Loyal, trustworthy, humorous

Where is your favourite place to be?

Open windy road, fine day, blasting along on my Ducati.

If you could do another job just for a day, what would it be? (and why?)

I would be buyer of stylish men’s wear. That job would combine two things I really like – and if it could also involve a nice motorcycle ride along a windy European country road then that’d be perfect!

Favourite quote/motto?

Journey, not destination.