Australia’s Leading Specialist Tendering Consultancy

Our core business is tendering. As a result we now have Australia’s largest and most qualified team of full-time bid consulting professionals.

BidWrite is Australia’s leading specialist tendering consultancy, bringing together tender response (seller) and tender request (buyer) expertise in one organisation.

Clients range from small businesses to multinationals across industries as diverse as construction, health, oil and gas, energy, information technology, defence, finance, hospitality, telecommunications and resources. We engage with companies that work directly in these industries as well as companies that service these industries.

BidWrite works with all types of tenders so we are experienced in commercial tenders and government tenders (federal, state and local). We have also worked with most online tender platforms.

Four Core Tendering Services

You can benefit from the four core tendering services we offer on both sides (seller and buyer) of the tender transaction. We work with you to:

  • Provide support in writing tenders, proposals and grants
  • Enhance processes with implementation of best practice
  • Train people though public and in-house workshops
  • Improve capability with tools, tips and techniques