Bid Boot Camp – 19th and 20th September 2022

Buyer or Seller Side: Seller
Date: Monday 19 Sep 2022 to Tuesday 20 Sep 2022
Duration: Two consecutive half-days online
Event Partner: Bid Academy by BidWrite
Type of Event: Public
Experience Level: Beginners to Intermediate
Location: Online
Address: N/A - Online delivery
Time: 12.00 noon to 3.30pm AEST
Trainer: Nigel Dennis

Combat the bidding blues!
Bid Boot Camp is an intensive and comprehensive introduction to tendering. Designed to kickstart your bidding skills and confidence, this workshop will teach you what you need to know to navigate the bidding battlefield and win more tenders.

Based on global industry best practice, our highly interactive Bid Boot Camp uses real life examples to help you better understand the tendering process, while also providing practical tools and helpful tips.

Who is this workshop designed for?
This workshop is designed for those new to bidding, as well as those who have some tendering responsibilities and experience but lack any formal training. If you want to improve your bidding, Bid Boot Camp is for you!

How is this workshop delivered?
Bid Boot Camp is delivered online over two consecutive half-days. Allow for a 3.5 hour live Zoom session on each day.

What will I learn?
The workshop content is divided across the following key tendering stages:
1. The Business of Bids
• Identifying opportunities and context
• Understanding markets, players, and buyers
• Evaluating principles and processes

2. Get Ready
• The Three Cs: developing your story to win
• Building your confidence and strategy
• Understanding qualification

3. Get Writing
• Structure and planning
• The fundamentals of persuasive writing
• Using the ISBP principle

4. Close the Deal
• Powerful presentations
• Dealing with clarification requests
• Reference checks