BidPro Essentials Online – 6/7th October 2020

Buyer or Seller Side:Seller
Date:Tuesday 06 Oct 2020 to Wednesday 07 Oct 2020
Duration:Two consecutive half-days online
Event Partner:illion TenderLink
Type of Event:Public
Experience Level:Beginner, Intermediate
Address:N/A - Online delivery
Time:9:00am-12:30pm AEST both days
Trainer:Nigel Dennis

The perfect starting point for anyone working with bid responses, this two half-day, live, online workshop uses real life examples to guide you through the tendering process.

Suitable for any experience level, this workshop provides practical tools, helpful tips and expert advice for every stage, helping you develop an essential tendering skillset that will get you shortlisted more often.

Whether a bid rookie or a seasoned pro, this workshop will improve your confidence and capability across the following four key stages:

1. The Business of Bids
• Identifying opportunities and context
• Understanding markets, players, and buyers
• Evaluating principles and processes

2. Get Ready
• The three Cs: developing your story to win
• Building your confidence and strategy
• Understanding qualification

3. Get Writing
• Structure and planning
• The fundamentals of persuasive writing
• Using the ISBP principle

4. Close the Deal
• Powerful presentations
• Clarifications
• Reference checks