BidPro Masterclass – Perth 18th March 2020

Buyer or Seller Side:Seller
Date:Wednesday 18 Mar 2020
Duration:One Day
Event Partner:Tenderlink
Type of Event:Public
Experience Level:Advanced, Intermediate
Location:Western Australia
Address:BidWrite - 115 Newcastle St, Perth WA 6000
Time:9:00am - 4:30pm
Trainer:Nigel Dennis

Expanding on our BidPro Essentials workshop, the full-day BidPro Masterclass dives deeper into the management, development and commercials of bids.

Designed for experienced bid response practitioners looking to develop a more extensive skillset, this workshop uses real life examples and interactive exercises to impart world-leading techniques for improving and sustaining your tender win rates.


If you’ve already completed our BidPro Essentials course and want to advance to the next level, this comprehensive masterclass will cement your expertise across these four key topics:

1. Bid Management
• Understanding bid budgets and ROI
• Key competencies: traits, skills and attributes
• Planning resource, responsibility and review

2. Bid Development
• Breaking down small bids: the 5-step process
• Breaking down large bids: the 20/60/20 process
• Cover pages and executive summaries

3. Bid Commercials
• Making sense of key clauses and legal reviews
• Pricing clarifications, alternatives and options
• Quantifying value

4. Bring it Together
• Bring your bid – assess your specific scenario
• Overcoming key challenges and issues
• Practical tendering tips


These new workshops have a huge amount of new content and interactive activities, so we recommend starting with the BidPro Essentials. However, if you’ve done the Shortlist Strategies Masterclass in the last 12 months, you will find the new BidPro Masterclass of most benefit to you.