How We Work

Working IN or ON the Purchasing Process

We help buyers engaging in competitive tendering activities in two main ways:

  1. Working IN the purchasing process
  2. Working ON the purchasing process

1. Working IN the purchasing process

Start to finish. You know what you need to purchase, and you know when you want it by. You probably have a pretty good idea of which suppliers are out there as well. But you need “arms and legs” to get your contracts in place. Let us help. BidWrite helps with specific parts of the tender request process or can directly perform all stages in the tendering cycle. This includes:

  • Helping specify exactly what you want, in a way that suppliers will understand
  • Completing all the request for tender and quotation documents
  • Managing the open tender period, including tender clarifications and questions
  • Providing a formal probity auditing role
  • Providing tender evaluation activity and preparing award recommendations
  • Assisting in negotiations and post contract management activity

Targeted assistance. Perhaps you just need help in specific parts of the tender process? Maybe you have a key procurement staff member away and you have to get a contract executed? No problem. BidWrite has the experience and procurement knowledge to slot in anywhere in your buying process, rapidly get up to speed and deliver value straight away. We are used to all sorts of buying methods for all sorts of material, equipment and services.

BYO Documents? Maybe you don’t have lots of procurement documents? That’s OK too. We work with client procurement and contract documentation or, if needed, will bring our own and adapt it to suit your specific requirements.

2. Working ON the purchasing process

Independence helps. The involvement of an independent third party can help add extra credence and buy-in to your tendering outcomes. This is especially true in situations where there is significant internal or external focus on the outcomes of the tendering activity. BidWrite can deliver this independent perspective to suit your needs – from a formal probity auditing role, to simply being part of the process and providing unbiased comment and suggestions.

Process Improvements. We all know that a fresh set of eyes can often pick up ways that processes can be improved. BidWrite, through its extensive experience and continuous improvement orientation, can readily assess the effectiveness and performance of your tendering processes and make practical improvement recommendations. If you wish we can extend this activity upstream and look at things like your procurement and sourcing strategies, your overall procurement processes and template documentation. Our tender and documentation review process is the ideal and cost effective way to achieve your tendering goals.

Embedding learnings. The best way for improvements to stick is to systemise learnings and ensure they are widely understood. Organisations that do this enjoy greater performance and employee satisfaction, which is especially important these days with high staff turnover and shortages of talented procurement and contracting people. BidWrite welcomes the opportunity to share its experience with its clients and help design and implement ways to convert these great ideas into real performance.