Expert Procurement Services

  • Are you involved in procurement and want help with tender requests?
  • Do your suppliers really compete for your business with their submission documents?
  • Do your request documents inspire interest and promote action from suppliers?

BidWrite understands that effective procurement translates directly to improved organisational performance. You need to secure your important purchased inputs through wise buying activity. Often this involves competitively tendering to draw out the best the market has to offer.

We have the experience and procurement knowledge to slot anywhere in your buying process and rapidly get up to speed to deliver value straight away. We are used to all sorts of buying methods for all sorts of materials, equipment and services.

We can also work with your procurement and contract documentation or, if needed, will bring our own and adapt it to suit your specific requirements.

The involvement of having BidWrite as an independent third party can also add extra credence and buy-in to your tendering outcomes. This is especially true where there is significant internal or external focus on the outcomes of the tendering activity.