Bid Resources

Australia’s Most Professional Bid Resources

BidWrite has a team of experienced, focused people to provide varied and effective support for all sized companies and for all tendering needs.

This team consists of all permanent BidWrite employees, unlike many of our competitors who just rely on the next available subcontractor. Our consultants are nearly all APMP certified and our team is led by Australia’s only Level 3 APMP certified proposal professional. This means you get a reliable, consistent and professional approach with true best practice techniques every time. People we can provide for you include:

  • Bid Strategists: to effectively capture and articulate exactly why you will win, including key pricing strategies, and make sure the themes make their way into the key bid sections.
  • Bid Managers: experienced managers, with proven processes, who are specialised in demanding bid environments where managing deadlines, a barrage of information and the efficient use of resources are the keys to bid success.
  • Bid Consultants: general bid all-rounders who can understand and assist with specific content or who are ideal to assist busy bid managers on a full time or part time basis.
  • Bid Writers: skilled writers and editors (but not content developers) to make sure your responses are concise, your messages are clear and your language is simple.
  • Graphics Specialists: to smarten up all design aspects of your presentation as first impressions and professionalism count.
  • Bid Coordinators: trained and efficient bid secretaries to look after the general coordination, inputs, formatting of your bid and day to day administration of bid documents.