Our Clients

Comprehensive Industry Experience

With backgrounds and experiences in construction, communications, corporate finance, defence, engineering, environment, government, oil and gas, procurement and science, our team understands the industries in which you work.

Our clients range from small businesses to multinationals across industries as diverse as agriculture, construction, defence, education, engineering, finance, healthcare, hospitality, information technology, insurance, media, not-for-profits, professional services, real estate, resources, training and transport.

We also are equally comfortable with tenders in the private sector and for all levels of government. So no matter where you are on the experience or size scale, you will benefit from our service:

First Time Bidders

You know your business and your markets and you’d really like to tap into the lucrative tender market. But you are overwhelmed by the apparent complexity of tenders or are just unsure of the tendering game and the rules that apply. Perhaps you are even looking to win your first government contract (local, state or federal). BidWrite can expertly lead you through the bidding process advising what is important and what is not.

Small Business

You are probably too busy servicing your existing clients and managing the daily aspects of running a small business. You know you need to submit that bid, but how can you possibly find the time to prepare it? Let BidWrite worry about the details and do most of it for you using our easy and proven five step process.

Small-to-Medium Enterprises

You probably do not have an in-house bid team but you do have some resources to help with a submission. BidWrite can provide you with the skills and resources you are missing to get the best out of your team, avoid the late nights and last minute rush, and increase your chances of winning. Having BidWrite review a previously unsuccessful submission is also a cost effective way to tap into our wealth of expertise.

Large Corporations

You probably have your own in-house business development team but you just need some extra resources for those busy times. Or perhaps you need to increase your win rate or sharpen your edge for that “must-win” opportunity. BidWrite can effectively integrate into your existing bid team and offer a full range of services such as bid management, specialist advice, section drafting, review and general support.

Partnership / Joint Venture Bids

You are teaming with an industry partner to give you that edge for an important bid. Are you really aware of all the additional bid complexities such a decision provides? Having an independent bid specialist on your team that is not related to either organisation can help integrate and articulate the best solution for all parties, especially your potential client.


Whether you need more money for your school, community organisation, charity or not-for-profit association, the key principles of winning apply equally to grants. BidWrite can cost effectively provide support and advice to give you the edge required for grant success. Benefit from our experience.