BidWrite and De Stefano & Co – a partnership helping clients enter, win work in, and navigate the Defence sector.

BidWrite & De Stefano & Co logos side by side within circles. 'A strategic partnership helping you enter, winwork in, and navigate the complex Australian Defence industry environment.' written beneath.

Six weeks ago, BidWrite excitedly announced our latest strategic partnership with Defence industry specialists De Stefano & Co. Together, we’re helping clients enter, navigate, and win work in the vast Defence sector.

Complementary work-winning expertise

What makes this partnership so exciting is that De Stefano & Co offers complementary expertise to ours. While BidWrite helps you develop capture plans and winning submissions for specific Defence tender opportunities, Emilio and the team at De Stefano & Co support businesses to navigate the complex Australian Defence industry environment.

They do this in several ways, including:

  • Conducting due diligence to help determine whether the Defence sector is right for your organisation and if so, developing and implementing strategies to give you the best chance of success in the industry
  • Helping your organisation meet Defence security requirements so you can compete in the sector
  • Supporting businesses to access grants and funding for purchasing new plant and equipment, upskilling your workforces, and more.

How to Win & Work in Defence

To celebrate the launch of this strategic partnership, BidWrite’s Rodger Manning and De Stefano & Co’s Emilio De Stefano joined forces in November to present a free webinar titled ‘How to Win & Work in Defence’.

The webinar was an engaging discussion about what to look out for when navigating the Defence sector, and how to prepare yourself to win more Defence tenders.

Rodger & Emilio answered a number of attendee questions about Defence tendering. They also dived more deeply into the complementary services and expertise our partnership offers to help make your organisation’s presence in the Defence sector known.

If you missed the webinar, you can download the slides here and/or watch the webinar recording on our YouTube channel or below.

More about De Stefano & Co

We highly recommend you take a look at how De Stefano & Co can help your organisation in its Defence sector journey.

To learn more about Emilio and the team at De Stefano & Co, visit their website or keep up-to-date by following their LinkedIn page.

De Stefano & Co are just one of the many trusted partners we work with to provide specialised expertise to our clients. To find out more about the organisations we work with, check out our Partner Hub.


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