BidWrite and nXus People – a strategic partnership helping clients win more tenders

We are proud to announce a new strategic partnership with nXus People. Together we will help clients achieve their work-winning goals through the application of tendering expertise and team development.

Logos of BidWrite and nXus People side by side, announcing their new strategic tendering partnership

Why have we partnered?

Winning bids, especially for larger Government and commercial opportunities is a complex undertaking that starts well before submissions are prepared, lodged and negotiated. These activities draw upon the knowledge and expertise of many people.

Too often we see organisations wasting valuable time and producing lacklustre submissions because they don’t pay enough attention to developing the cross-functional teams responsible for this positioning and tendering activity. This is particularly true where team members come from different organisations and may not commonly work together.

And with these teams operating in an environment of ongoing economic uncertainty and heightened competition, this creates additional pressure for organisations who are trying to develop, sell and deliver innovative solutions to client problems.

When combined, these factors reinforce an even greater need for collaboration in order to win and deliver work.

Complementary work-winning skills

Through this partnership, BidWrite Principal David Lunn and nXus People Partner James Fulford-Talbot recognise that clients will benefit from the combination of award-winning tendering expertise and the organisational development and behavioural change knowledge required to build tender winning teams.

“The partnership between BidWrite and nXus People is a natural fit. The BidWrite team knows how to help clients create winning tender submissions. But we also understand that winning bids requires a tender response team that can form rapidly, challenge each other, be innovative, and be honest, so that the proposed solution is the best it can be. That’s where nXus People’s expertise comes in. By combining our respective skills, we can offer our clients a unique value proposition to help them win more tenders.”
David Lunn, Principal, BidWrite.

“We are excited to partner with BidWrite to help clients build winning tender teams. We know that successful tendering requires more than just technical expertise. It requires a culture of collaboration, innovation, and continuous improvement. By working together, we can help our clients create a winning culture that drives business success.”
– James Fulford-Talbot, Partner, nXus People.

Building high-performing bid teams

To celebrate the launch of this strategic partnership, BidWrite’s David Lunn and nXus People’s James Fulford-Talbot joined forces in July to present a free webinar about how to build high-performing bid teams.

The webinar was an engaging discussion about collaborative techniques for developing and nurturing a winning tender team. David and James also touched on the power of our strategic partnership.

If you missed the webinar, you can download the slides here and/or watch the webinar recording on our YouTube channel or below.

About nXus People

nXus People is an organisational development consultancy that helps clients achieve goals through pragmatic application of organisation and culture development, workplace simulation, positive behavioural change and business nous.

About BidWrite

BidWrite is an award-winning, specialised tender and proposal management services organisation, trusted by leading organisations across Australasia to help improve their tendering practices so they can win more often and with less stress.


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