Civil Construction

Doval Constructions Civil contracts

Doval Constructions (Doval) delivers a range of complex civil infrastructure projects. The business maintained an internal bidding capacity, however their full-time proposal manager was going away on maternity leave and Doval had no immediate replacement to fulfil tendering functions.

The timing of Doval’s capacity gap coincided with BidWrite’s business development in Brisbane, where we set ourselves the goal of growing our experience in civil construction tenders in Queensland by targeting mid-tier contractors pre-qualified by the Department of Transport and Main Roads (DTMR).  After BidWrite approached Doval about what our services can offer, we were engaged to provide support for their bidding function.



Doval initially engaged BidWrite to support a national prequalification submission to DTMR. As a medium-size company, they were naturally wary about being overly reliant on external support due to cost and return on investment. Our initial engagement was therefore more of a review and mentoring role for their current proposals manager so that we could prove ourselves.

There were some aspects Doval did well, and their presentation of proposals was generally superior than their competitors. However, there were some aspects where they needed improvement, for example they often used too much fluff and insufficient specific detail relevant to the client. Right from the start, they were very receptive to learning and taking onboard our recommendations, rather than the often seen ‘we’ve always done it like this, so we’ll continue doing it like this’.



Doval specialises and has extensive experience in medium sized projects of a reasonably complex nature. Doval has a proven track record in the successful completion of a wide range of infrastructure Contracts for Local, State and Commonwealth Government bodies and for major corporate customers.

Doval enjoys a competitive edge in the construction of technically difficult, non-repetitive or risky contracts that require an extra element of supervision and in-house expertise.



BidWrite assisted Doval by helping to better demonstrate the benefits they offer for clients and highlight their outstanding track record. After being impressed at the value that our consultants bring to the tendering process, Doval has continued to utilise our services to support various submissions and proposals.

Since engaging BidWrite, Doval has significantly increased their win rate. Of the 17 prequalification submissions, EOIs, RFPs and RFTs we have provided support for Doval, they have been successful on 16, an impressive success rate of greater than 94%.



Doval now has a large amount of quality tendering capacity and collateral, as well as an understanding of how to produce persuasive tenders that win. Their team no longer needs help on their smaller tenders, but still call on BidWrite to provide advice and support for their strategically important, ‘must win’ tenders.


Not only has BidWrite been instrumental in the winning of numerous tenders in recent years, but they have also made our tendering process that much more efficient and professional. The strong personal relationships that I have forged with several of the BidWrite team continue to make an otherwise tedious and mundane bid process something filled with humour and enjoyment.

Ben Dyson, Director of Doval Constructions.