Tasmania Dept. of State Growth Training Workshops

Specialised training workshops for a major government department

About Tasmanian Department of State Growth

The Tasmanian Government’s Department of State Growth (DSG) is committed to funding programs that build capability for small and medium sized enterprises in the state, helping those businesses win more work and encouraging them to employ more people.

Part of the DSG’s ‘Winning Government Business’ program includes providing tendering and proposal management training for Tasmanian businesses to help them become more competitive when bidding for work.

Businesses face barriers to maximising the value of tendering

Many organisations secure new and repeat business through competitive tendering, often spending a lot of time and money on submission preparation activities.

However, it can be difficult for small and medium sized businesses to effectively maximise the value of their investment, because in order to achieve this, they need to make sure they are equipped to consistently produce stand out, persuasive offers in the face of ever-increasing competitive pressure.

This can prove challenging given the resource base of small and medium businesses.

Investing in specialised tendering workshops to train Tasmanian businesses

To help make tendering a more accessible and realistic proposition for Tasmanian small and medium businesses, DSG engaged BidWrite to present a series of bid and proposal workshops in Hobart and Launceston.

Facilitated by Principal and trainer David Lunn, BidWrite’s workshops involved exercises and real-life case studies, backed up by the science of persuasion and global best practice, to help business owners and subject matter experts become more confident when responding to tender opportunities.

The half-day, intensive workshops focused on key bidding functions such as:

  • Translating business development and capture planning activities into an organisation’s ‘bid compass’
  • Implementing Bid / No Bid decision techniques to ensure available resources improve their win rate and maintain a work winning focus
  • Introducing bid planning tools designed to claw back time and improve bid quality
  • Demonstrating the importance of structure in producing clear and concise submissions
  • Incorporating persuasive writing techniques to enhance tenders
  • How to make the commercial elements of tender responses part of a winning story.

With the generous support and assistance of the City of Hobart, the specialised workshops had a focus on local government contexts.

More than 500 Tasmanians trained since 2015

Since the inception of Tasmania’s ‘Winning Government Business’ program in 2015, more than 500 business owners, proposal professionals and subject matter experts have been trained by BidWrite.

The quality of the workshops is evidenced by positive participant feedback and overall satisfaction ratings of 4.7/5 as recently as 2019, with a notable trend highlighting the effectiveness of accompanying the workshops with exclusive coaching clinics.

This attests to BidWrite’s practical and engaging approach and a genuine empathy for the work winning endeavours of subject matter experts.