Tasmania Dept. of State Growth Training

The Tasmanian Government has committed to funding programs that build capability for small and medium sized enterprises in the state, helping those businesses win more work and encouraging them to employ more people. Part of their commitment includes providing tendering and proposal management training for businesses to help them become more competitive when bidding for work.

As part of Department of State Growth’s ‘Winning Government Business’ program, the State has engaged BidWrite since 2015 to run extensive workshops across Hobart and Launceston.



Winning tenders and proposals is the primary means by which most organisations secure new and repeat business, so they often spend a lot of time and money on their business development, sales and submission preparation activities. However, it can be difficult for small and medium sized businesses to truly understand how to maximise the value of their investment, as they need to make sure they are equipped to consistently produce stand out, persuasive offers in the face of ever-increasing competitive pressure.

Facilitated by BidWrite Principal and expert trainer David Lunn, our training utilised exercises and case studies interspersed with theory and sharing globally recognised practices to help business owners and subject matter experts become more confident in responding to tenders. The specialised workshops also had a focus on local government contexts with the support and assistance of the City of Hobart.



BidWrite provides specialist training courses both for the general public and tailored to private organisations. Many of our public courses are delivered through trusted partner organisations. We also deliver speeches at breakfasts, conferences and associations, and are known for our engaging, interesting, topical and often humorous presentations.

Our difference is that all presentations and workshops outline a range of proven strategies, practical tools and effective techniques developed from BidWrite’s years of real-life tendering experiences. The training is then delivered by skilled tendering practitioners that offer genuine and extensive insight, not general trainers using the latest textbook theory!

Attendance at any of BidWrite’s training and events will therefore equip participants with very practical and useful information that can be implemented immediately. This is regardless of whether they are a beginner or an experienced tender professional working in a complex bid environment.



Our half day workshops for the Department of State Growth were intensive courses equipping participants with the skills needed to confidently lead work-winning teams and apply global best practice bid processes, persuasive writing skills and ‘sealing the deal’ closing techniques to win more often.

We focused on key bidding functions such as how to translate business development and capture planning activities into your bid ‘compass’; bid / no bid techniques to ensure work winning resource focus; bid planning tools to claw back time and improve bid quality; the importance of structure in producing clear, concise submissions; and how to make the commercial elements of your offer part of your winning story.



More than 500 people have now been trained by BidWrite between 2015 and 2017, as part of Tasmania’s ‘Winning Government Business’ program. We received extremely positive feedback, with 4.7/5 overall satisfaction ratings in 2019. Our positive feedback was especially in relation to the combination of workshops and more exclusive coaching clinics, attesting to BidWrite’s practical and engaging approach and empathy for the work winning endeavours of subject matter experts.