New to Tindering or tendering? We’ve got you covered.

It’s uncanny how professional and personal worlds often mirror each other.

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we were discussing how challenging it can be for so many people battling through the online dating game.

It also occurred to us that, just like those new to dating apps, people new to tendering can often be energized by the huge range of possibilities to form new relationships.

So whether you are new to tendering or online dating sites, we thought we’d offer some advice to help increase your chance of picking a winner.

First, don’t be tempted to go after every opportunity. You may seem to have more options than ever but be careful. While chasing everything may create a sense of action, too often it doesn’t translate into results. This ad-hoc approach only results in exhaustion, frustration and a lower likelihood of success.

Importantly, it also masks the true potential of what you could achieve by adopting a more considered approach. So, focus your energy and select carefully.

Tendering and dating are both relationship focussed and trust is key. You’ll give yourself a much better chance of a long-term relationship if you apply a few selection filters right from the outset. You can do this by truthfully asking yourself the following questions:

Do you know what you really want?

Before you decide to start selecting opportunities, identify what you really want and need. This will allow you to take a more targeted approach and be in a better position to qualify your opportunities early.

Is it a real opportunity?

Like online dating profiles, open tender requests can say one thing but mean another.

Either way, it’s important to look closely for hidden clues. Is the party already in a relationship with someone else? Are they seriously looking? Or have they already made up their mind and are just browsing to see what other options are out there?

Do you know what they are really looking for?

You might be confident that you can deliver what’s being asked for, but these are surface requirements. Do you really understand what’s going on beneath the surface? Often, it’s your ability to deal with the unstated, deep-seated drivers that marks the difference between success and failure.

Who else is in the hunt?

Unless you’re something special, it’s likely the other party has choices.

Consider who else could be in the mix, how they are perceived and how you compare. It may be an even race, or a heavily stacked field. The more you know about your potential client, your potential partner or their competitors, the better you can target your messages.

Can you really deliver on your promises?

Building trust with a partner is critical and starts from day one. While it pays to back yourself, if you are ultimately unable to deliver, you’ll be found out. And that’s not good for either party. Taking a rational look at whether you can provide what’s needed is a great way to start the sorting process.

Can you commit the time and energy to deliver what the other party needs?

Whether at home or work, life is busy.

We all have only so much capacity. Remember that one task done well will often deliver better results than two tasks half done. Make a true assessment of your willingness to create the focus required to achieve success. Then if you still think it’s the opportunity for you, commit to it.

Be it professional or personal, ongoing success is often determined by the quality of your relationships. Some work and some don’t, but they all take time. So, pick them carefully.

Hopefully this guide provides you with some practical tips to sort through your options and improve your chances of picking a winner. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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