I’m new to tendering. Where do I begin?

Tendering is a great opportunity to secure long-term contracts and build your business. However, the process can be daunting, time intensive and costly if you don’t properly qualify opportunities by knowing your client and understanding the competitive playing field. Check out our New to tendering? Where do you start? article for some helpful tips on deciding whether an opportunity is right for you.

My business or industry is unique. Can BidWrite really help me?

Writing for industry is different to writing to win. BidWrite’s techniques, tips, templates and tools are all designed with one objective in mind – and that’s winning.  We have helped many clients submit many winning tenders across many sectors and industries. We recognise that you are a vital part of this process, contributing the best understanding of your business and your industry. Our role is to work with you to contribute our expertise on the art and science of winning. These complementary strengths make for an excellent partnership – one that wins.

Can BidWrite represent more than one organisation competing for the same tender?

No. BidWrite will never support multiple organisations competing for the same opportunity. 

The organisation that first engages us enjoys our exclusive support. BidWrite also offer first right refusal on our services to clients engaged through preferential support agreements.

How does BidWrite deal with potential conflicts of interest?

Tendering can create situations from which a conflict of interest may arise. We understand commercial sensitivity and any conflict (potential or otherwise) will be immediately disclosed to the relevant parties.

How can BidWrite guarantee confidentiality?

We appreciate that company information disclosed during tendering is often sensitive and that reputations, livelihoods and even business survival can be at stake. Our livelihood depends on ethical business dealings, so we guarantee business confidentiality. We are very familiar working within signed client confidentiality agreements, or can provide our own as required.

I often feel overwhelmed by the vast amount of tender documentation. Do you?

We know it can be overwhelming, but practice makes perfect. Collectively, we’ve read thousands of “Request for Tender” (RFT) documents and know what we are looking for. We understand what the information means and what is important. Poor RFT documentation can also present challenges to inexperienced organisations. In such, situations our first role is to clarify. Our experience working on both sides of the tender transaction means we are committed to improving RFTs for all parties involved.

I have been unsuccessful in previous bids because I did not comply. Can you help?

We see many companies who do not even make the first cut in a bid evaluation, because they haven’t provided all they have been asked to, especially in Government submission. Bid compliance is a basic tender discipline, an initial gate process that may not help you win, but can stop you from losing. BidWrite ensures compliance by establishing a detailed writing plan at the start of the bid process, and a checklist at the end, to ensure you comply with all tender requirements, so you “stay in the race”.

Can you help make my bids look more professional?

First impressions matter. Your bid provides your client with the first insight into your company’s professionalism and commitment. BidWrite can supply graphic designers for covers, artwork and graphic inserts. We can also provide advice on bid structure and how to present information on a more readily digestible format, using charts, graphs and tables.

Can you help me avoid the late nights and last-minute rush to meet submission deadlines?

A well-resourced and carefully planned bid, with disciplined staff, is the key to avoiding those late-night pizza runs. BidWrite can help you successfully plan and resource your bid to avoid the last-minute rush. But because we work in partnership with you, you’ll also need a degree of self-discipline and prioritise the tender work for the period it is open.

I often submit tenders but am unsuccessful. Can you help me improve my win rate?

Winning tenders is not easy and success depends on many factors. BidWrite’s expert staff, tips, tools and techniques provide a platform to give you the best possible chance to win. The proof is our clients’ win rates, that are regularly better than those they achieve when working in isolation.

What level of sales mumbo-jumbo is required in bids?

Our word for sales mumbo-jumbo is persuasion. Sales mumbo-jumbo is meaningless, whereas persuasion is a science and a vital part of tender submissions. BidWrite’s uses a range of tools such as its “Pyramid of Persuasion”, the ISBP® technique, captions and diagrams, and the use of headlines over headings to help you improve your level of persuasion. This ensures your key messages are heard loud and clear, giving your submission a compelling edge.

Doesn’t the lowest priced bid always win?

No, the best value bid is usually the winner. Articulation of this value, and the significance attached to it by your client, is often more important than price alone. Although BidWrite cannot price your bid for you, we can help you articulate your competitive pricing strategy and how value is perceived by your client. This service is greatly valued by clients who regularly struggle to sell their price. Conversely, we can help buyers make sure they formally attribute non-price factors and other benefits into their bid evaluation processes.

Can you help me with grant funding applications?

The principles for preparing a winning tender submission apply equally to submissions designed to secure government grants or industry funding. BidWrite has prepared many successful grant applications and can assist you. We also write industry award submissions.