Covering three distinct areas, our range of services span the full tender lifecycle and are designed to help you win more often, win more easily and to do this in a sustainable way.

Every organisation has different needs. Some have very experienced in-house bid response teams, while others are less resourced, less experienced and need assistance to get started. For this reason, we offer several engagement models ranging from one-off tender specific assignments through to ongoing, long-term partnerships. Whether you need help with a specific tender submission, staff training or bid process optimisation, we’re here to help.

Live Tender Support

Improve the quality and effectiveness of your submission through our range of ‘live’ tender support services – helping you submit your best bid, on time, every time. We’ll assign a bid consultant or team to work alongside you, guiding you through the process to ensure your bid has the best possible chance of success.


Setting your company up for tendering success through targeted positioning (capture) and practical gearing-up activities — prior to a bid being released to market.

Applying a rigorous decision framework to help you decide which opportunities are worth pursuing.

Using robust methodologies to develop win themes and content strategies that clearly articulate your story to win — before the writing starts.

Planning, prioritising and coordinating inputs and activities to ensure your tendering process is as stress-free as possible.

Providing direct tender writing and design services to ensure you submit a client-centric, compelling and highly readable proposal.

Helping align your presentations to your submission win themes and building evaluator trust that you are the right choice.

Supplementing your existing bid teams with experienced BidWrite staff who can hit the ground running.


If you have a must-win tender, contact us today to discuss how we can best support you.

Bid Response Training

Tendering is a high-stakes pursuit, where the difference between winning and losing can rest on the smallest of margins. Luckily, the art and science of winning can be learnt.

Our trainers are the most experienced and well-qualified practitioners in Australia – holding the highest level of industry certification available, coupled with decades of bid response experience across multiple industries.


Develop practical bidding skills through attending our public bid response workshops, hosted by trusted partners across Australia and New Zealand. A cost-effective, capability-building solution, using a live, interactive webinar format – making it convenient and cost-effective for you to upskill.

We are Australasia’s only accredited training organisation for global industry body, the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP). Our trainers hold the highest level of certification possible and through online or face-to-face delivery will expertly guide you through the APMP certification process to gain a range of internationally recognised bid consultant certifications.



Select from our range of training programs designed to develop bid staff capability within companies, not-for-profits and industry associations. Available online or face-to-face, we can also develop a customised training program to suit your specific needs. 

Accelerate your learning through personalised training and mentoring. All mentors are experienced senior BidWrite staff, with a proven track record of long-term bidding success.


If you’re serious about upskiling, contact us today to discuss which training option is best for you or your organisation. 

Bid Process Optimisation

For organisations opting for an ongoing partnership, we’ll take a deep dive into your tendering processes, working with you to help make lasting improvements. Our advisory service provides an end-to-end audit of your current tender response process, identifies gaps and provides practical solutions so you can spend more of your time on the high value bidding activities that help win contracts.


A popular first step for improvement, we’ll conduct a review of several representative bids, then present a structured and actionable set of recommendations for how your bids could have been more powerful.

Focussing your improvement efforts through checking how you measure up against a series of internationally accepted bid metrics.

Conducting gap-analysis of your in-house capability to identify the skills needed to develop long-term winning capability.

Mapping your current tendering processes against accepted best practice – from initial capture activities to final contract negotiation, to create a consistent, efficient and ultimately more effective bid response process.

Examining your current bid library of commonly used tendering collateral to identify gaps, suitability and opportunities for messaging or format improvements.

Working with you to develop a comprehensive bid library so you can hit the ground running and spend the finite time available on more important win-focussed activities.


If you’re serious about streamlining your bidding process, contact us today to discuss how we can help.

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