Preparing a tender response is a complex project with finite and externally imposed timeframes. Across thousands of tenders, we’ve seen a pattern unfold:

Less experienced organisations start the bid response clock once the RFT is released. This robs them of a valuable window of opportunity, concentrating efforts at the pointy end of the process.

Sophisticated tendering teams follow bidding best practice – getting win-ready through positioning, planning and preparation well before the Request for Tender (RFT) is even released to market.

Gain a valuable and competitive head start, before the RFT is even released to market.

Taking control of your activities before the bid drops substantially improves your likelihood of winning and sets you up for an efficient and cohesive bidding effort during the open period.

BidWrite has specially developed our Kickstarter package to define exactly what these pre-release activities are and practically support our clients to get ahead of their less-informed competitors. Kickstarter is delivered in three sequential stages:

Stage 1:
Gap analysis

Improving future tenders starts with evaluating previous ones.

Stage 2: Bidding to win workshop

A clear, compelling, and client-centric win strategy is critical to success.

Stage 3: Preparing for success workshop

Learn to overcome some of the many common bidding challenges.

Ready to kickstart your tendering activity?

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“We engaged BidWrite early (at tender notification stage) which enabled us to work with David Harvey in their Kickstarter Package which included a review of our previous tenders, and a strategy workshop using some thought-provoking matrices to bring out our story telling abilities!

I can confidently recommend the BidWrite team to any organisation looking for specialist support, and professional results when navigating the world of tender writing.”

Tania Joppich
Business Manager, Aerotech Group