We are a specialised tender and proposal management services firm, trusted by leading organisations across Australasia to help increase their tender win rates.

What sets us apart:


In 2008, two life-long Perth friends, Nigel Dennis and David Lunn, found themselves working on opposite sides of the tendering process. Seller side, Nigel had written hundreds of tender responses across multiple industries. Buyer side, David had 25 years of procurement and contract management experience. Their combined perspectives spurned a conversation about a unique, integrated business model designed to reshape the tender proposal and management landscape across Australasia. BidWrite was the result.

In 2010, David Harvey joined as BidWrite’s third director, overseeing BidWrite’s Australian east coast operations from his Brisbane base.

Today BidWrite has a truly national presence, with permanent offices in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. Our full-time staff team is growing rapidly in response to the ever-increasing need for professional and practical tender and proposal management support.

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Nigel Dennis

Nigel is a co-founder and BidWrite director. A leading consultant in the proposal management profession in Australia, Nigel has also developed a significant international reputation, presenting at seven annual world proposal management conferences since 2008.

Supported with a background in engineering and marketing, Nigel’s strengths include bid strategy development, bid management, bid planning, writing, editing, coaching and training.

A strong advocate for profession, in 2008 Nigel founded the Australian/NZ chapter of the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) and has served on the chapter board every year since. Chapter Chair from 2012 to 2015 and the current Certification Chair, he also served a 3-year term on the international APMP Board of Directors (2011-2013), the only Australian to be appointed to that board to date.

Nigel was the first Australian to achieve the APMP’s highest level of professional certification (CPP APMP) and in 2015 was made a Fellow of the APMP for his outstanding contribution to the profession.


David Lunn

David is a co-founder and director of BidWrite. With 28 years procurement experience in defence, mining, gas, and professional services, David has a deep knowledge of strategic sourcing, tendering, contracting and transactional procurement – across capital project, operations and maintenance environments.

Holding certifications for both the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS) and the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP), David offers a buyer-side perspective on the tendering process, providing a valuable 360 degree view for BidWrite clients.


David Harvey

Joining BidWrite’s as third director in 2010, David oversees BidWrite’s Australian east coast operations from his Brisbane base.

An experienced and respected bid consultant, David also brings executive team leadership experience within the aerospace, defence and software industries. With particular strengths in systems engineering, sustainment logistics and workforce management, David’s broad skillset also spans program management, engineering analysis and review, strategy development, organisational development and business improvement.

David’s diverse professional background enables him to quickly understand the key drivers in a business – a skill that has proven invaluable when determining strategy and articulating competitive advantage in major bid situations.


Managing Consultants

Andrew Bailey

Andrew brings a wealth of experience in contracts and commercial, tenders, consulting, operations, technical management across several companies and Defence. On joining the BidWrite team, he enjoys working with hard working professional people who also have a sense of fun. Helping businesses from diverse industries win work is a rewarding part of the job.

Outside of BidWrite, Andrew is a dad, an SES volunteer, an amateur artist and bee-keeper, a bush walker and someone who is interested in renewable energy and climate change.

Andrew’s hidden talent: Connecting the dots


Rodger Manning

Rodger’s 24 years’ experience in international proposal management, project management and business development, coupled with his longstanding career in defence, makes him one of BidWrite’s trusted industry experts. Rodger’s time at BidWrite has been the most enjoyable of his career; while being part of a winning team is extremely satisfying, he credits the teamwork, support and camaraderie for his happy work-life.

On the weekends you’ll find Rodger spending time with his wife and son, running the occasional marathon, (3hr 02 mins PB!) cycling, gardening, watching football (soccer) and cricket and definitely enjoying a great curry.

Rodger’s hidden talent:  Ph.D. in Physics (Astrophysics)


Senior Consultants

Kelly Richmond

Kelly is BidWrite’s first full time employee! Since 2010 Kelly been an integral part of business growth, including a Melbourne relocation to build the BidWrite presence and client base. Kelly brings a wealth of experience, working in tenders for 13 years and strategic communications for over 23.

Prior to BidWrite Kelly worked in business development and strategic communications roles for private industry and government. This includes issuing request for tenders and proposals, preparing submissions and managing grant funding. This gave her a strong insight into both sides of the “bidding fence”. Kelly enjoys the variety of subject matters and businesses at BidWrite, and there is never a dull moment!

Outside of BidWrite you’ll find Kelly exploring, trying new thing and hanging out with family and friends.

Kelly’s hidden talent: Short word counts. (See what she did there!)


Nicole Coleman

Nicole has been in the tender space since her career in engineering and construction began. In 2015, the excitement of fulltime bidding lured her to BidWrite and she has not looked back! Her 8 years in the construction industry provided industry insights and she can readily relate to the challenges that construction clients face when bidding for complex infrastructure and transport projects. Nicole loves her role at BidWrite and credits the support of her talented team to her enjoyment at work.

Outside of BidWrite, Nicole likes catching up with friends, taking her Rhodesian Ridgeback to the beach, exploring new places and getting stuck into a good tv series or movie.

Nicole’s hidden talent: Mind Reader—give her a few words and she’ll fill in the gaps.


Ryan Haldane-Underwood

Tendering is ingrained in Ryan’s multi-faceted career; with over 20 years’ experience in design, product development and project management, he has successfully pitched and delivered sizable tenders in every role. The variety of clients and work at BidWrite keeps Ryan engaged and he is proud to be a contributing part of the machinery within Australia’s premier tendering consultancy. Ryan appreciates that his co-workers are the very best at what they do and as a group they deliver truly outstanding work for our clients.

Outside of BidWrite Ryan participates in and contributes to various wayfinding and livable city initiatives. You will often find him in the garden or entertaining friends with lavish dinners and BBQs.

Ryan’s hidden talents: Encyclopaedic knowledge of music (70s-90s); pet whisperer.


Richard Southern

Starting in 2012 Richard has been an integral Bidwrite team member, supporting business growth and contributing to many large-scale tenders, complex in content, structure and a lot of hard work! For Richard, being a part of BidWrite means being a part of excellence in Australian bidding practice, in a team that is continually learning, growing and working together to help clients bid better.

In his spare time, Richard lends his leadership skills to a volunteer organisation. He enjoys cycling, reading, coffee and is an amateur craft beer enthusiast.

Rich’s hidden talent: An authentic Japanese accent that has the locals convinced he is fluent.


Mark King

Mark’s strong defence background makes him one of our industry experts; serving the US Navy for nine years and employed within an Australian defence company for another nine years. This coupled with his experience in business strategy, marketing and business development makes him an asset to the BidWrite team. Mark takes pride in listening to his clients so he can better understand their needs and identify how he can help them achieve their goals. Working at BidWrite, Mark enjoys being part of a group of specialists who are respected in their industry and collectively do some amazing work.

Mark is also a tragic Dockers supporter and frequent home improver. On weekends you’ll find him tackling a home project or going out to dinner with friends.

Mark’s hidden talent: BBQ’ing low and slow.



Nicola Nixon

Nicola is a storyteller, her background as a writer and marketer allows her to develop and finesse the narrative around a tender, bringing to light the key messages that make a winning bid. Her passion for writing and ability to mutlitask is invaluable in the tendering space, where working on multiple projects with ever shifting deadlines and competing priorities are part of the daily job. Nicola loves the supportive culture and “all hands on deck” attitude at Bidwrite, where nobody is afraid to get their hands dirty and do the hard work.

Outside of BidWrite, Nicola is an avid supporter of the arts, often going to book launches, attending artist residency showcases, gallery exhibitions or writers’ festivals. She also reads submissions for and helps coordinate a local radio show which reads the work of local writers.

Nicola’s hidden talent: Recognising actors’ faces and voices in movies, TV shows and video games.


Deepti Agarwal Nahar

Deepti is a new consultant to BidWrite and is enjoying the fast-paced environment filled with training, bids and assignments. She is proud to be a part of the ‘best in class’ entity in the tendering space. Being a part of the BidWrite team allows her to strive to perfection, so Deepti brings her A game every day! Deepti appreciates the vibrant culture at BidWrite, where consultants do serious work but with a light and joyful vibe.

Outside of BidWrite Deepti likes to keep active, enjoying a mix of meditation and exercise. She likes reading, long walks, cooking and also loves flying kites.

Deepti’s hidden talent: Memorising song lyrics very quickly.


Lachie Mulcahy

Lachie knows how to write a persuasive document! Lachie’s background in communication has helped him flourish as a bid writer who can tell an engaging and persuasive story. He has worked in both corporate and not-for-profit sectors, engaging with federal, state and local governments. Lachie has had a very positive experience working for BidWrite, acknowledging his co-workers as being welcoming and supportive, allowing a space for him to do his best work.

At home, Lachie is an environmentalist who likes cooking vegetarian meals, bike riding and writing. He’s a massive Richmond fan and enjoys getting away on road trips.

Lachie’s hidden talent: Plays both acoustic and electric guitars


Rhona MacLean

Rhona has always had a talent for writing and communication; working at BidWrite has provided the opportunity to follow her passion and become a professional writer. Rhona enjoys helping businesses communicate clearly and strategically, freeing the path to grow and prosper. Rhona appreciates the supportive culture at BidWrite, where colleagues won’t hesitate to help you overcome complicated issues.

Outside of BidWrite you’ll find Rhona roaming around Freo, either with a book at the beach, checking out the local markets or catching some live music.

Rhona’s hidden talent: Cartwheels!


Benn Rayner

Benn is a fresh new BidWrite team member. His colleagues appreciate his design and communication skills and his willingness to take on work, give it his all and submit it to a high standard. Benn is impressed by the pool of knowledge, depth of experience and broad range of industries at BidWrite. He enjoys the team culture being unique and welcoming, where everyone is helpful, friendly and always willing to have a laugh.

Outside of BidWrite, you will find Benn meditating, enjoying the great outdoors with his dog and partner and renovating his home.

Benn’s hidden talent: Good at tongue twisters.


Jehan Eltigi

Jehan is a focused consultant and very committed to working fast to get the job done. She has a wealth of experience behind her, covering three decades of market research and corporate communications in both public and private sectors, across six countries. Jehan enjoys learning something new every day at BidWrite and that everyone is very supportive and willing to help.

Outside of BidWrite, Jehan is a mum, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a voracious reader, a big fan of lounging in her comfy recliner watching TV.

Jehan’s hidden talent: Can read a large book in one sitting without ever getting up from her chair.