AI in tendering – 2GB Money News Interview with Nigel Dennis

2GB Money News Interview: AI in tendering

BidWrite CEO Nigel Dennis recently joined Scott Haywood for a radio interview on 2GB’s Money News.

Artificial intelligence is entering every corner of business and is about to change the world.

Writers are said to be one of the top 10 occupations most likely to be affected by AI. Therefore, BidWrite is taking a close look at the impact of AI on our business, and the wider bidding industry.

Check out Nigel’s interview on 2GB’s Money News below, where he explores how generative AI could save hundreds of hours of effort in the bidding process. Nigel also discusses with Scott the balance between embracing AI’s efficiency and retaining bespoke human touch.

Embracing AI in tendering

AI presents an opportunity for bid professionals to better spend their time on the valuable human elements of tendering that they do best. Technology will then take care of some basic, labour-intensive tasks.

Rather than feel threatened by AI technology, we’re looking to embrace it, exploring strategic partnerships with providers who share our vision of technology and tendering professionals working together. We’ll also be seeking interest from a few select companies to participate in AI related bid trials.

Keep an eye out for some exciting announcements in the coming weeks about BidWrite’s AI investments. What an exciting time for our profession! Be the first to find out about what AI can do for your bids by subscribing to our BidTalk mailing list.

And to read more of Nigel’s thoughts on emerging bidding technology, check out his earlier blog, Tendering Technology: Is This Our Kodak Moment?


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