Learn to give your bids the winning edge.

Wholly owned and operated by BidWrite, our training division Bid Academy provides a range of tender training courses that equip you with the essential knowledge and practical skills to achieve lasting results.

We have training options for anyone involved in preparing tender responses, including:

  • those who are new to tendering and looking to learn the fundamentals.
  • multi-tasking individuals in a small business juggling tenders with other priorities.
  • dedicated bid teams in large companies wanting to improve their bidding process.
  • experienced bidding professionals seeking global industry certification.

Transform your tendering outcomes.

All our online Bid Academy courses are based on globally recognised, best-practice bidding principles and taught by some of Australia’s most qualified and experienced tendering practitioners.

With Bid Academy’s help, you’ll learn the art and science of winning business, gain the professional recognition you deserve, and shorten your path to bidding success.


“The whole program has given me a framework that I will be able to use not only for tendering, but for grants and other business proposals where we need to get key stakeholders on board. It’s given me a really logical,
powerful framework that’s client centric and I’m excited about having that. Incredibly valuable.”

– Eileen Breen, Business Development Manager, NTEX


“An excellent workshop that was informative and engaging from beginning to end. Fast-paced, interactive and helped me to reflect on past work experiences that reinforced the information provided here. I highly recommend this course!”

– Helen Sargent, Research Bidding and Contracts Advisor, GNS Science

Australia’s Only APMP Accredited Training Organisation (ATO)

BidWrite is the only approved training organisation (ATO) in the Asia/Pacific region for our global industry body APMP. Therefore, our Bid Academy is the only provider in Australia that offers training workshops to help bidding professionals progress through APMP’s global certification program.

I often submit tenders but am unsuccessful. Can you help me improve my win rate?

Winning tenders is never easy, and success depends on many factors. However, BidWrite’s live bid support service provides a platform of experienced staff, tips, tools and techniques to give you the best possible chance of success. And BidWrite’s training courses teach these tools and techniques so you’ll be producing higher quality content before you know it. The ultimate proof is in the win rates of our clients. These are regularly better than those they achieve when working in isolation. Of course, we can’t guarantee that you’ll win every tender. But we can guarantee a dramatic improvement in your submissions.

Who is APMP, and why do you provide their training?

The Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP)  is the global industry body for professionals dedicated to the process of winning business through proposals, tenders, bids and presentations. Designed specifically for proposal professionals, APMP’s certification program is the only internationally recognised professional qualification pathway.

BidWrite is Australasia’s only APMP Accredited Training Organisation (ATO) and is approved to provide APMP certification training. Our trainers hold the highest level of APMP certification and can confidently guide participants through the training content and exam processes.

Doesn’t the lowest priced bid always win?

No, the best value bid is usually the winner. Clear articulation of value, in a way that matters to your buyer, is often more important than price alone. Although BidWrite cannot price your bid for you, we can help articulate your pricing strategy and influence how value is perceived by your buyer, either through live bid support or our training courses. This is of great worth, particularly to organisations who offer premium goods or services but struggle to sell their price.

What level of sales jargon is required in bids?

None. Sales jargon is meaningless. We focus on the art of persuasion, which is a vital part of tender submissions. We use a range of tools such as the Pyramid of Persuasion, the ISBP® technique, action captions and diagrams, as well as the correct use of headings and headlines, to improve the level of persuasion in your submission. In our bid response training courses, we teach you how to use these techniques so you feel more confident and empowered to implement them yourself. Persuasion ensures that your key messages are heard loud and clear, giving your tender submission a compelling edge.

What types of audience are your training courses designed for?

We have a training option for everyone, from beginners to seasoned bidding professionals. Our training caters to two broad audiences – those for whom bidding is a full-time profession, and those who hold other roles but have connections or responsibilities to the bidding activities of their organisations, e.g. sales people, senior managers, administrators and subject matter experts. Our APMP training offerings are designed for professional bidders seeking a focussed professional development pathway. BidWrite’s own course offerings are less theoretical and aim to develop practical bidding skillsets. This makes them suitable for early to mid-stage professional bidders and anyone with an interest or involvement in the bidding process.

Is all of BidWrite’s training conducted online?

Although we’ve delivered hundreds of in-person workshops in the past, the unpredictability of COVID-19 has made this very difficult. As a consequence, we currently deliver all our public tender training courses online. This makes them accessible to participants in any location and working environment with access to a reasonable internet connection. Added benefits of online delivery are the broader perspectives and networking created through a greater diversity of participants.

What online platform do you use to deliver training?

BidWrite uses the Zoom Meetings platform to deliver our online workshops. This enables us to utilise functionality such as screensharing, breakout rooms, reactions and polls.

What is the maximum number of attendees for each course?

APMP training workshops (Foundation and Practitioner levels) are capped at 20 attendees per course. Maximum numbers for our own offerings vary by course.

Class sizes are carefully chosen to provide flexibility when grouping for practical learning activities and also ensure that participants don’t get lost in the crowd.

What is your training cancellation policy?

You may cancel your training registration at no cost up to 7 days before the scheduled training date. You’ll receive a full refund of all payments, except Eventbrite’s booking fee (which is non-recoverable). No refund is payable for cancellations made less than 7 days before the course date. However, in such cases you are welcome to nominate a colleague to attend in your place.

Minimum and maximum registration numbers apply per course. Any decisions by BidWrite to cancel a course due to insufficient numbers will be made no later than one week prior to any published course date. You’ll be notified should this occur, at which point you can elect to transfer your booking to the next available date or request a full refund.







Can you create a customised training program tailored to staff in our organisation?

Yes, we have designed and delivered many bespoke tendering capability training courses for companies, not-for-profits and industry associations. On request, and typically for teams of 8 or more, we can develop customised training to suit your organisation’s specific needs. If you would like to discuss a customised in-house training course, please contact us.