BidWrite and GPTStrategic Announce Groundbreaking Partnership to Transform Tender Writing with Generative AI Technology

BidWrite and GPTStrategic logos in circles representing new partnership

BidWrite has announced an innovative multi-year, multi-million-dollar partnership with GPTStrategic, a Microsoft award winning and fast-growing technology company based in Melbourne, Australia.

Our strategic collaboration is geared towards the development of an innovative generative AI-powered closed-source platform that incorporates specialised tender writing algorithms. Closed-source technology is a game-changer given the information and data security required for bidding. This initiative marks an historic milestone as one of the first AI-focused projects in the tender writing industry, led by seasoned bidding professionals, for streamlining the bidding process.

GPTStrategic is strategically supported by past senior Microsoft executives and business leaders. This support allows the enterprise to be informed quickly of the ever-changing landscape of this exciting technology. The alliance between BidWrite and GPTStrategic represents an arrangement that is poised to redefine the bid writing industry. It also signifies a pivotal moment in BidWrite’s evolution, affording them substantial resources and a wealth of growth prospects.  

“Our primary focus with this product is to transform the bidding landscape by significantly reducing costs. Our goal is to target a 50 to 80 percent reduction in bidding expenses,” said Nigel Dennis, CEO of BidWrite.

“We’re going to work together to develop the first closed-source AI bidding platform of its type, and this will be disruptive for the industry.

“The impact of this AI bidding platform is truly transformative, particularly for larger companies that often invest millions of dollars in securing major tenders. With this innovation, we anticipate more than halving that expenditure.

“The process of bidding demands significant manpower, and our platform presents an opportunity to cut down these costs substantially.

“To provide perspective, lucrative tenders require a team to generate hundreds of pages of detailed and compliance specific information. This new AI tender platform streamlines that process by creating a content library and expediting the generation of these pages.”

Andrew Gunnis, CEO of GPTStrategic, emphasised, “With this collaboration, we are genuine trailblazers in the realm of generative AI, spanning various industries. The level of investment underscores the profound impact potential of this partnership on the bidding landscape.”

In 2021-2022, the Australian Government reported that it awarded approximately $80 billion worth of contracts. This figure does not include state and local Governments or private tenders and contracts which is estimated to take the total value to $600 billion annually. 

Nigel, also the founder of the local Australia New Zealand Chapter for industry peak body Association of Proposal Management Professionals, said the new AI platform will enable businesses to tailor their bids more effectively to meet the requirements of various customer requests, thus boosting the chances of success.

“The potential for this platform to revolutionise businesses and deliver substantial savings is undeniable. While AI-generated content will free up time for humans, some of that time will be exchanged for more strategic refinement of that content. But this innovation will also bring relief to many, as responding to Request for Tenders (RFTs) is universally regarded as a pain point.” Nigel said.

Initially, the tech will cater to larger companies, with plans to adapt it for SMEs in the future. The objective is to create a solution that can be scaled to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.

The partnership is set to progress in stages. The design specifications for the platform are already complete. The current focus is on the full development of the AI-powered product and customer acquisition. As it advances, the project will move into market testing and roll out in the coming months.

About GPTStrategic:

GPTStrategic is a full-service AI development studio that creates secure, enterprise-grade AI solutions on Microsoft’s Azure framework. The company serves a diverse and global client-base, representing a broad cross-section of industries and sectors. GPTStrategic partners with its clients, to ideate, design, and develop innovative solutions that deliver tangible business value.


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