BidWrite and Industry Capability Network join forces to help SMEs position their company to win

Graphic with BidWrite logo and Industry Capability Network (ICN) logo representing a strategic partnership.

BidWrite is thrilled to announce a new strategic partnership with Industry Capability Network (ICN). This partnership helps SMEs position their business to win tenders and capitalise on opportunities in familiar and new industry sectors. This collaboration combines the expertise and resources of both organisations to deliver comprehensive support in tendering, procurement, and supply chain management.

Why we have partnered

ICN is a business network that connects suppliers with major project opportunities, facilitating collaboration between buyers and suppliers. With a vast network of industry contacts built over 40 years, ICN plays a vital role in driving economic growth and development. Through its national network and more than 100 Industry Specialists, ICN helps businesses in accessing and securing contracts for major projects.

Our partnership with ICN combines the necessary groundwork of establishing industry connections with the strength of bid management excellence. By leveraging our collective strengths, the partnership aims to empower businesses to win major projects, increase competitiveness, and drive economic growth.

Complementary work-winning skills

“The collaboration between ICN and BidWrite is a significant milestone in our efforts to support businesses in achieving their growth objectives. With our extensive industry reach and BidWrite’s expertise in tendering and proposal management, we can offer comprehensive support to companies seeking to secure major contracts. Together, we can provide tailored solutions that enhance competitiveness and drive business success.”

– Warren Jansen, ICN Limited CEO.

“As a business, we’ve always been impressed with ICN Limited’s long-standing commitment to helping businesses grow. The breadth of their offerings makes implicit sense, providing an invaluable suite of tools and support for any ambitious business that is serious about growth. We’re delighted to add our expertise to that mix, by providing tender preparation support and training direct to SMEs. We want them to win more than their fair share of opportunities; capitalising on the unparalleled project positioning and organisational profile raising ICN offers.”

– David Lunn, Principal, BidWrite.

Prior to this partnership, BidWrite has collaborated with ICN on numerous initiatives stretching back at least 10 years, including government funded training programs and knowledge sharing sessions.

For more information about ICN, please visit, or call 1300 691 139.


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