BidWrite’s Response to the Current Challenging Market Environment

Given the rapidly evolving current market environment, the Directors of BidWrite want to reassure our clients that we remain committed to helping you. We also want to take this opportunity to inform you of the business activities we are currently focusing on. They include the following:

Continuing Support of Clients to Win

Over the course of more than a decade, we’ve operated through some difficult times.  We know that new tender requests will continue to be released to market. While we recognise that various industries will be affected in different ways, BidWrite remains committed to supporting our clients, however we can, to win opportunities that are important to them. Our priorities will be to our partnerships, existing clients, current commitments and planned upcoming opportunities.

Maintaining Social Distance

Working virtually is not a new concept for us. Our staff are tech-savvy and well-practiced in remote working and videoconferencing, as many of our bidding activities are already conducted in this manner. But to minimise risk to our staff in this social distancing environment, they all have the option to work from home. All non-essential travel has stopped. Where requested, we’re also respecting our clients’ control measures by minimising staff presence in client workplaces. We’re well-prepared and determined not to let distance come between us, or our clients.

Exploring Virtual Training Options

Understandably, prudence determines that our public training partners have suspended planned training events for the time being. While we will certainly miss the opportunities to meet and share best practice with like-minded professionals, we acknowledge the administrative difficulties faced by both our partners and the many attendees. In the meantime, it’s very exciting to be exploring remote and virtual delivery training options for those determined that the show must go on.

Building a Stronger and More Resilient Business

In times like this, it’s natural for businesses to consider how they can build a stronger and more resilient organisation. We are no different and are pleased to say that we are working on several new initiatives to do this. These will provide even better offerings and more benefits for our customers. We look forward to announcing some of these initiatives soon.


If you need any live bid support, or want to build capability, enhance process or train staff so you can be at your best during these challenging times, the weeks and months ahead may present an opportunity to seek assistance. As always, we’re here to help.



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