New To Tendering? Where Do You Start?

Have you recently discovered that there is a world of contracts available to win, through the tender process, but you are not sure how to get started?

Tendering is certainly a great opportunity to secure some long-term contracts and build your business. ‘Going’ for anything and everything tendering-wise can, therefore, be very alluring. However, tendering can be a very time intensive and costly exercise if you don’t properly qualify opportunities by knowing your client and understanding the competitive playing field.

Why not try BidWrite’s tender qualification checklist to see if you should go for that latest tender?

Can you do everything in the scope of works? O Yes O No
Have you met with the client before? O Yes O No
Do you know who your competitors are? O Yes O No
Do you know how well the ‘incumbent’ (an organisation already doing the job) is performing? O Yes O No
Do you know what the client is looking for (i.e. what are their challenges or issues)? O Yes O No
Were you aware of the tender/opportunity before you saw it on the internet? O Yes O No
Do you have the time and resources to put a strong submission together? O Yes O No

If you answered ‘No’ to any of these questions, you are not in the best shape to win the contract.

So what wins tenders?

The best way to win is really knowing what your client’s issues are and responding to the tender criteria with those in mind. You then need to demonstrate how you can meet those needs better than your competitors. And, of course, this insight and understanding needs to be contained in a modern, well-written professional business submission.

To practically achieve this outcome involves understanding and addressing our four key factors to winning:

1. Positioning: Improving your relationship with the client and understanding the opportunity and the market before the tender is issued.

2. Compliance: Ticking all the tender boxes and providing all the requested information.

3. Persuasion: Telling a compelling story in your tender as to why you should be selected over others.

4. Price: Providing an offer that is ‘in the ballpark’ and demonstrates value for money.

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