Scribble Talk with Nigel Dennis – Podcast hosted by Baskar Sundaram

BidWrite Director Nigel Dennis joins Baskar Sundaram on Scribble Talk, one of the UK’s leading proposal podcasts.

Scribble Talk’s mission is to democratise bidding knowledge by sharing free best-practice bid and proposal content. Each week, hosts Baskar Sundaram and Ashley Kayes sit down with industry veterans to hear their stories, discuss their careers, and learn how to make an impact on the bidding world.

Episode 50 deep dives into Nigel’s perspectives and experiences, including his journey from a young engineer in the Royal Australian Air Force, to becoming the most qualified proposal practitioner in Australia.

In this intimate interview, Nigel discusses his passions and proudest achievements, from founding the APMP ANZ Chapter to helping small businesses win life-changing tenders. We also learn how Nigel overcame some of his greatest challenges and how those experiences helped him develop into one of Australasia’s most well-known, well-respected and accomplished bid and proposal professionals.

Listen to the podcast on Buzzsprout now, or search on Spotify or Apple Podcast.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!


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