Tender Open Periods Never Seem Long Enough

Use your time wisely for better results.

Tenders and proposals, need to be submitted within a defined time frame.  Whether this is a few days or several months, it never seems long enough. In fact, most people underestimate how much work is required and often leave everything to the last minute.

The simple truth is that writing effective tenders and proposals means early planning.  Figure out exactly who is responsible for writing each part of the tender and how long it will take to write draft responses.

For example, who is writing what parts of the tender? When do your draft responses need to be complete? How long are your internal reviews and approvals going to take?  Have you got enough information to do the estimating/pricing?

The period between the bid being issued and submission (the Bid Open Period) requires a carefully structured preparation process. This is particularly relevant on larger bids where multiple parties are involved but is still true for smaller bids where so often other tasks can take priority. Businesses that know how to write winning tenders and proposals know that they need to schedule activities and manage them like they would any other project.

An organised process can make the difference between a well-resourced, collaborative and strategic submission which is received well by the client or a thrown together document. Producing well prepared submissions will significantly increase your win rate.

BidWrite can help you successfully plan and resource your bid, and avoid the last minute rush.


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