Three Successful Years Training Tasmanian Enterprises

BidWrite recently completed its third successive year of delivering tender and proposal management training to Tasmanian Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Last month’s training round, delivered on behalf of the Tasmanian Department of State Growth, focussed on winning in a local government context with the support and assistance of the City of Hobart.

This round involved BidWrite Principal, David Lunn, facilitating nine separate sessions, over a three day period, during which he shared information and tips with a further 95 people.

Extremely positive feedback, especially in relation to the combination of workshops and more exclusive coaching clinics, attest to BidWrite’s practical and engaging approach and empathy for the work winning endeavours of SMEs.

Given the local government focus, including the City of Hobart’s generous hosting of all the training sessions, it was particularly timely that local government procurement and tendering hit the press precisely as this training program was in progress.

David was also presented with a great opportunity to reinforce local government rules, tendering processes and compliance obligations, as well as the use of headlines as a powerful, but simple, persuasive writing tool!

More than 500 people have now been trained by BidWrite, as part of the State Growth’s ‘Winning Government Business’ program, since our first engagement in 2015.

BidWrite appreciates the opportunity to work with the State and applauds its ongoing efforts to improve SME tendering and work-winning capability.  We hope continuing funding is secured for this important program, and BidWrite is again afforded the opportunity to assist.


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